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Commercial HVAC and Refrigeration Maintenance Plans
for Dallas-Fort Worth

As energy prices soar, cost-efficient equipment and energy-saving devices are a must. We will gladly offer energy saving alternatives and provide a cost/ benefit analysis when it comes to commercial air conditioning and commercial refrigeration in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas.

An EEC preventive maintenance program is the highest level of service available for HVACR equipment. This program not only allots you priority service and maintenance but will save you up to 12% on repairs and materials off your standard rates.

An EEC program includes quarterly inspections, maintenance, preferred response time, and winter/summer start-ups and shut-downs.

  • Flexible - EEC can customize your program to meet your equipment and budgetary needs.
  • Practical - All HVAC equipment needs periodic maintenance. Our program ensures that factory recommended maintenance is performed in a timely manner.
  • Comfort - Seasonal changes occur without notice. Heat waves and cold spells don't wait to ask if your system is ready.
  • Budget - Reduce your costs for staffing, equipment repairs, and energy consumption. Rather than risk costly repairs and downtime, and higher energy bills due to outdated equipment you will know in advance what the cost will be through annual budgeting analysis for repair and replacement. If your business or facility, from restaurants to schools, is looking for help with your plumbing needs you can count on EEC.

If you have a service you don't see listed please feel free to contact us and ask us about it. We hope to hear from you soon.



DFW METRO - 972-938-1131  •  NEW!... NOW SERVING FORT WORTH - 817-842-4204

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